Well Services

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry – Save Water! Run out of water? Call us today, and we will help you at our earliest convenience. No water on the weekend? We offer 24-hour emergency service. Just give us a call at (519) 863-3000, and you will be directed to one of our qualified staff members..

Building a new home or having issues with your current well? Our licensed water well drillers and well technicians are available to diagnose the situation and get you the water you need. Other services we offer are decommissioning of old wells and well updates. If you need a new well, we can drill the well or sand point for you! Once the well is complete, we are able to hook it up and give you the results you want.

Well Drilling

Do you need a well drilled for your home or an old well decommissioned? We are also able to help you with your well water needs. WRC Purifying has fully qualified well drillers and well technicians who will get the job done professionally for you.

Well Update

– Is your well up to the required standards? Our services include upgrading your well so it meets the code of the Ministry of Environment. The well casing may need to be extended and a pitless adapter installed to keep it up to current standards.

Fake Rock

Need something to cover and protect your well or sand point? We have a solution for you! Fake rocks are the answer. They are lightweight, extremely durable and have a natural look that will blend in with your existing landscape. If you don’t know which model to choose, give us a call or stop by and we will find a rock that is appropriate for your needs.

Buying a House?

Looking to buy a house and want the well to be evaluated? WRC Purifying will come out to assess the well, making sure an adequate supply of water is available for you and the pumping system is functioning properly.
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