Water Analysis

Need your water tested? Call us today for a free in-home water analysis and consultation. The most common in-home tests are for hardness, iron, pH, TDS, and sulphur. WRC Purifying also provides water testing for other impurities, just give us a call. Many materials in the water are invisible and odorless. Basic water testing can give you results in minutes. Our water treatment specialists will then recommend further steps to get you safe, clean water to satisfy your needs. No obligation, no high-pressure sales, just our recommendations to you.

If your water is tested by your local health unit and found to contain bacteria, we have a number of options that can be considered. Contact our office to get a quote on a water treatment system or to have one of our water treatment specialists come out and take a look at your current situation. We can help diagnose the problem and recommend what to do next. We know that quality water is critical for a healthy lifestyle and we are committed to making a positive difference.

Water Analysis - WRC Purifying
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