Regulated Drinking Water Compliance (Reg. 170 & Reg. 319)

ONTARIO REGULATION 248/03 made under the SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT, 2002 require many businesses to submit routine water samples. The Act recognizes that the people of Ontario are entitled to expect their drinking water to be safe, and provides for the protection of human health and the prevention of drinking-water health hazards through the control and regulation of drinking-water systems and drinking-water testing.

Ontario Regulation 170/03 – DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS

Drinking Water Systems regulated under Regulation 170/03 can include a children and youth care facility, camp, health care facility, a school or private school, a social care facility, or a university, a college, apartment buildings, private subdivisions, mobile and trailer parks with 6 or more private residences

Ontario Regulation 319/08 – SMALL DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS

Small drinking water systems regulated under Regulation 319/08 can include restaurants, seasonal trailer parks, summer camps, community centres, libraries, gas stations, motels, churches and many other public facilities not served by municipal water.

WRC Purifying offers regulatory compliance for Drinking Water to both Ministry of Health Regulation 319 and Ministry of Environment Regulation 170. The compliance will include everything from administration for set up, notification, establishment, treatment installation, well drilling, monitoring of your system with certified operators and laboratory sampling.

We provide comprehensive monitoring that includes laboratory fees, administration and maintenance. We also provide referenced Engineering firms to meet regulatory compliance.

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