Sulphur & Iron Filters

Starting to notice a rotten egg smell coming from your taps or black sediment in your water? Hydrogen Sulfide may be the problem. Sulphur may be in contact with your well water which will cause the water to give off a strong odour. There are different ways to treat your water for this issue depending on the sulphur levels. If the results show a low level of sulphur, a sulphur filter may be the solution. The sulphur filter provides you with a chemical free solution to your problems. If your results show a high level of sulphur, a hydrogen peroxide system will need to be installed. Click here for more information on Peroxide Systems.
Are you noticing orange stains in your tub and toilets or on clothing? Your water may come from far, passing through areas containing iron. You will quickly notice if your water supply contains iron. Orange stains may form on your white fixtures, or leave stains on your laundry. The quality of your plumbing and fixtures will degrade due to the iron contamination. However, a Ecowater Iron Filter will be a perfect solution for healthy water. The iron filter will provide you and your family the water you want. No more frustrating stains. Prevent replacing costly appliances by installing an iron filter! Iron filters are an easy solution for low levels of iron and provide you with a chemical free filtration system with minimal maintenance requirements. With a higher level of iron, hydrogen peroxide may need to be injected into your water. Give us a call, and one of our technicians will recommend the right system for you!
Sulphur & Iron Filters - WRC Purifying

Sulphur & Iron Filters Series

Ecowater ETF 2300AIV Series - Air Aspirated Filters

Ecowater ETF 2300AIV Series – Air Aspirated Filters

Eliminate problem water for good.
Eliminate problem water for good. The ETF2300AIV is a chemical free system, with fresh air providing oxidation. It is a clean and economical, using air instead of bleach, chlorine or potassium permanganate.
Ecowater ETF2300PF Series - Water Filtration Systems

Ecowater ETF2300PF Series – Water Filtration Systems

Proven System for Removing Iron and Treating Problem Water
The EcoWater ETF2300PF Series offers proven water filtration systems for removing iron and treating problem water. There are two products in this series: the ETF2300PF10 and the ETF2300PF12.
EWS Commercial Filter Series

Ecowater EWS Commercial Filter Series – Water Filtration Systems

Effective and Efficient Filtration
EcoWater’s commercial water filtration products deliver quality water reliably and continuously. Our comprehensive line of single and duplex filter systems can be customized to meet your needs and our state-of-the-art controls can be controlled to exacting standards.
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