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Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical containing natural products that is often used to treat water. It is becoming more popular, in both home and farm applications. Hydrogen Peroxide oxidizes iron, sulphur and manganese, but it also adds more oxygen to the water. Peroxide is an excellent product for disinfection and removal of odours in well water supplies. Chlorine is also often used to supply treated water. However, it does not contain the advantages peroxide has. Trihalomethanes are cancer causing agents which are commonly found in chlorine which peroxide does not contain. Hydrogen Peroxide also contains a much higher oxygen level than chlorine. The oxidizing of iron and hydrogen sulfide is much quicker than when chlorine is used.

The Flex-Lite retention tank allows for the proper contact and mixing action needed for Hydrogen Peroxide to oxidize and disinfect the water source. The Stenner peroxide pump has a variety of features. The pump is self-priming, and won’t lose prime. The tubes and sub assemblies from the peroxide pump are interchangeable. Lubrication on the pump tube is not required. Also, the original mechanical control is adjustable. Maintenance or service required on the pump, is quick and easy. The Stenner pump is built so it will not clog from dirt or minor debris and can hold up to 100 psi. The Stenner pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the area. The installation is quick and simple, and the pump is easy to operate.

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