Oxyblast has many health benefits for your home, farm and crops. It will bring you better productions and reduce the amount of antibiotics used. Guaranteed results or money back if you do not see any measurable results! Measurable results include: cleaning up the water, water lines, nipple drinkers and stock tanks, helping the health of the animal thus improving their production.

Oxyblast is hydrogen peroxide, with a homeopathic formula based on many years of therapeutic use. Instead of relying on only one active ingredient, the Oxyblast formula has a combination of key homeopathic ingredients. These ingredients work together to provide multi-symptom relief from many livestock and poultry disorders. Oxyblast is an economical water treatment for poultry, livestock, swine, beef cattle and dairy.

Do your animals have a different infections or diseases? Oxyblast may be the right solution for you! We have no claims for all types of sicknesses, however customers have stated they have seen positive results against different diseases. Oxyblast also is a solution to clean up bad water that contains iron bacteria, sulphur smell, manganese and high calcium. Water is an essential nutrient to any kind of livestock as it plays a major role in all the body’s normal functions.

Oxyblast for Beef

Oxyblast used in cattle applications have many benefits. The cattle drink more water when treated with Oxyblast, to help them meet their daily requirement. Growing and finishing cattle show consistently higher and more even feed intake with less ups and downs. Typically, there are less sick cattle to be treated, less labour for sick pen treatment, less and often no medication needed besides less death loss.

The immune function of the cattle is also greatly improved. We always observe less or no internal parasite issues at all. This not only results in cost savings for treatment but also keeps cattle healthier. The digestive system is improved, working more efficiently and consistently, observed in the “manure language” of the cattle. The water system stays clean, fresh, free from toxins/poison producing algae and bacteria in the water tanks and drinking fountains. Normally nasal discharge from animals containing bacteria and viruses end up in the water tanks, passing it on to each other. Oxyblast will prevent this from happening.

Young calves receiving Oxyblast in the water and milk replacer perform much better with less sickness, produce better gains, have less scours, need less medications and require less labour to care for them. Their bedding stays drier providing a healthier environment. In all ages of cattle, we experience a lot less or no respiratory problems. All these factors are very important for beef animals to stay healthy and perform to their optimum genetic potential and providing a reasonable profit for their producers.

Oxyblast for Dairy

When properly using Oxyblast in the drinking water for dairy animals, you can expect to notice different benefits over time. The water lines, water tanks and drinking fountains will be cleaner. There will be an increase of water consumption since cattle prefer fresh, clean water much better.

A higher normal water intake is healthier for the body overall and helps to flush out toxins accumulated over time. Increased dry matter feed intake by 1 to 2 pounds per cow daily. A increase in milk production by 2 to 8 litres depending on the stage of lactation and amounts of by-toxin levels in the body. Imbalanced diets produce higher levels of these toxins. Butter fat and protein may or may not increase depending on the total milk production level and time of lactation.

Very often we see a butter fat improvement of 0.2%. If butterfat would go down, look at acidosis as the problem. Protein is more genetic and dietary balance dependant than just water alone. When milk production and components don’t show an increase, the cows will usually hold the existing level of production for a longer period which is a less monthly progressive lactation decrease after peaking post-calving.

Oxyblast for Swine

Sows, Nursery Pigs and Finish Hogs all benefit from Oxyblast. It will correct the bad water which will lead to a higher consumption of water and feed. This provides you with better milking sows and nursery pigs have a higher weight gain. Oxyblast also helps prevent bacteria and diseases occurring such as mastitis, E. Coli, stomach ulcers and more. It also helps reduce the amount of antibiotics and medication used.

Oxyblast for Poultry

Water is the most consumed item on a poultry farm. Oxyblast will keep your water disinfected, and it will naturally help with you birds’ health. It creates a washing and flushing process throughout the bird’s entire system to give your bird optimal health. Poultry operations have noticed benefits such as: cleaner well pump, water lines and waterers, an increase in water and feed consumption, better egg quality for layers, improved daily gains, higher conception rates, lower death loss and many more.

These claims are from poultry operations all over the world, based on their own unique results and experiences. Your flock will be drinking the healthy, nutritional water and as a result, you will see health benefits from that alone.

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