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Water Softeners in Woodstock

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One of our water softeners for sale in Woodstock

Benefits of a Softener:                                                                                                 For more details on our different models:

♦ Reduce build-up or etching on glassware
Minimize the damage due to scale in your pipes and appliances, 
saving on maintenance and repair
Increase the lather from your shampoo and conditioner
Reduce soap scum in the shower and tub

Removal of calcium and magnesium mean healthy drinking water
Good water conservation due to reduction in the amount of water
Softener keeps skin and hair looking healthy
being used compare to other softeners
Remove the chlorine taste and odour from your water




Did you know?

  • • You can monitor the status of your water softener from anywhere in your home. The remote will flash to alert you when salt or service is needed, ensuring that you and your family always have clean, conditioned water available.

  • • You can save water because the softener has demand regeneration technology. It features an internal computer that monitors the amount of water used and prompts system regeneration based on actual and predicted future use.

Lease to Own & Rental options are available. Please contact us for more details.