RO System

RO System

ERO375 Reverse Osmosis

Provides clean, clear, sparkling, good tasting water at your finger tips. Replaces expensive, inconvenient bottled water. Removes objectionable taste and odor. Gives you better flavoured coffee, juices and other beverages. Improves flavour of foods cooked in water. Makes better tasting, clearer ice cubes. Produces quality water for use in steam irons, batteries and humidifiers. More Info.




EPS1000 Drinking Water System

The EPS 1000 is a great GREEN drinking water system whether you are on municipal or well water. Your household water is directed through a pre-filter where lead, chlorine taste, odour, and sediment are reduced. The water then passes through a purifying filter which is certified to reduce 99.99% bacteria, 99.99% viruses, and 99.95% cysts.  The only thing left behind for your family is pure water and minerals which will improve the taste of the filtered water. The great  GREEN feature: no waste water during the filtration process. More Info.



Vectapure - RO415H - Reverse Osmosis

For higher volumes on low pressure applications. Each system comes complete with faucet. 





Ecowater Reverse Osmosis HVE Series



HVE Series Reverse Osmosis (Commercial)

Tough Units built for Commercial - Industrial applications. These units have more standard features than any other standard unit on the market. Built and designed for your application to give years of trouble-free operation in the harshest conditions. Ideal for hospitals, restaurants, bottled water plants, boiler pretreatment, labs, skating and curling rinks, car washes, steel washing for manufacturing along with many other applications where superior quality water is required. More Info.





Ecowater Reverse Osmosis MVE Series



MVE Series Reverse Osmosis

More Info.







Ecowater Reverse Osmosis LVE Series


LVE Series Reverse Osmosis

More Info.







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