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We have a fully qualified staff to provide professional service to you and your family. Our team consists of Water Well Drillers, Pump Installers, Water Treatment Specialists, Certified Operators of Small Drinking Water Systems, Licensed Plumbers and Gas Fitters. Our staff would welcome the opportunity to serve you.

We specialize in many areas of water treatment and carry a vast selection of equipment to meet your water needs. Browse our website to see the different types of water treatment products we carry. Our commitment to you is to carry quality water treatment equipment and supplies. Take a look at our services and find out how we could help you with your current or future water needs, whether it be Commercial, Residential, Industrial or Farm.


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Shortly about us

Our history

WRC Purifying Ltd. was originally established in 1966 by Keith Van Mourik to meet the water treatment needs of Southern Ontario.  Today the business is owned and operated by Adrian Van Mourik. Adrian served as a director of the Ontario Ground Water Association and carries a vast knowledge of water treatment and pumps. Keith is still involved in the business as a consultant.

"We want people to remember that clean water protects our future. We all love water but don't necessarily appreciate or respect it like we should. We must rethink how we approach and use water."

Adrian Van Mourik, Owner